Spier Marl

Beware of Orcs

...and red dragons

After overcoming the Silver-Scaled Bounty Brothers, your adventuring party begins to collapse. In the confusion, Naox flees the town, straight into the grasp of a band of mercenaries. Erik Lake and Pog chase after the wizard-with-a-bounty-on-his-head. And Kelnozz loses the shackles of the Loud Water guard, just in time to stumble into a Young Red Dragon.

Kelnozz freezes with fear, perhaps even playing opossum. Petrified play-things are no fun, so the Young Red flies our Eladrin-friend over the river. Kelnozz stumbles again, but this time is reunited with those he recently lost.

Erik, Pog, and Naox are well into combat. Or at least Erik and Pog are. Unfortunately, Naox is not skilled enough to stumble out of shackles or bindings.

Some blows reign down, and our group is finally at full strength. Too late, it seems, for much damage has already been done. Many foes die, but two Orc Blademasters stay atop their legs.

After the Orcs chase their final target into the water and off his mount, the Orcs are interrupted.

Brother Turnegal, who has traveled from Spellgard, was returning from an errand in Loudwater. He notices two Orcs rummaging through some poor souls’ belongings. After chasing the cowards away, Turnegal notices the strangers on the ground are, in fact, not dead. He rounds them up, with the help of a drenched horse, and pays their board at an inn in Llork. (Turnegal pays, the horse does not.)

Our party awakes in the Mushroom Top Inn. With magic items lost, and their pride greatly bruised, our members see only one course fit. Gather up arms and take back what’s theirs from those grisly, green brigands. Unfortunately, the town despises magic and will not hear of Orcs in their xenophobic town.

Distrust is spreading within the ranks. Morale is lower than the bottom of the change purse. Will our group withstand the current hardships, and how does one recover stolen goods from green shadows?



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