Spier Marl

Butt-Buddies or Not...

As Naox decides to join the team in a difficult decision… Erik decides to chase some squirrels. Tune in later to see his findings.

Returning to the inn after putting down some fiendish slimes, Cascardia, Kelnozz, Naox, and Pog decide on their next course of action.
A) Find Brother Butt-Buddy to the Deva and squeeze him for info to draw out said Deva.
B) Buy a shop to use as a front to draw out said Deva.
C) Gain power in the underbelly of Spire Marl to gain information and influence.

After much heated debate, God let’s us vote! Cascardia attempts to tell the group to do Option B & C, and tells Naox we’ll try his later… alas no luck. In the end, Erik re-joins having killed his precious squirrels just in time to cast his vote… by not voting correctly.

Following option C the team finds more work to gain influence… with some Drow? They want 4 guards dead. It’s fine they’re Gnome’s, it’s more like 2 guards. 21 Charisma-Milk-Jugg-toting Cascardia draws them out as a maiden in distress and we jump them. Mission accomplished.



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