Spier Marl

From Paladin to Wrath-Bringer

Leave the light, young Paladin…

Having her father be betrayed by his church was a tough trial… but when Cascardia was blamed for the wrong-doing’s of her Temple leader’s (the same leader’s that defamed her father’s name!) and they had convinced the central Temple of Bahamut that she had stolen funds, enough was ENOUGH! At that moment, when she was told she was betrayed like her father, a transformation occurred. The Justice-Bringing Cascardia became a Wrath-Bringer.

The goals of WRATH.

Cast aside into the darkest part of town, Cascardia joins with Erik Lake, Kelnozz, and Pog to gain power in Spire Marl’s underbelly (Pinnacle’s Shadow). The first mission is to gain power and influence over those who would have information on the Temple Elders or the Deva that framed them.
There is one other individual that was working with us, but Cascardia is not quite sure what Naox is doing…



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