Spier Marl

Oh crap....

more talky less handcuffy

Seems like this is about the 10th time this has happened… I really need to talk to Erik and beat it into his head that if you want to bring somone in for a bounty you need to chat with them a bit…maybe have a buddy distract them a little bit… NOT just run up to them in a crowd and try to slap a pair of manticles on them. Sometimes this works, other times you get stabbed in the kidneys and have to be seen by a healer (most of the reason he used to swing by my old bar…that I still need to regain). THEN, we both gave up good sense, and instead of letting the well equipped orcs take that annoying wizard in for the bounty we decided it would be a great idea to try to help him out…then turn him in for the bounty ourselves. This was after Kelnozz dissapeared ofcourse then he randomly showed up and went on ranting about dragons…I swear that if I was a more violent person I would have just shot him right there to make him focus on the fight rather than his delusions.

...Next orders of buisness…

Convince Naox that Erik Lake was just trying to handcuff him so he didnt get dragged off against his will by another group like the dragonborns

InformErik Lake that I am gonna do some convincing and that he should help…and we might be able to convince Naox to WILLINGLY walk to Spier Maul and we can turn him in if he is guilty

Figure out WTF is wrong with Kelnozz... Red dragons in the Loudwater area…BULLSHIT… and you cant bullshit a bullshitter

Find out if Memory Steel is real or if Mikolik was just using a magic trick on me back in the day…I would love to have some lock pick buttons or a dagger braclet or even a pair of shortsword bracers… I think he was just using his gloves of storing to mess with my head though…..



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