Spier Marl

Platinum Dragons in Loudwater

While enjoying the atmosphere of the Green Tankard Tavern, you meet an old aquaintance. A gnome by the name of Normalin Tallcrippler asks you to look into something for him. He has heard of some treasures that fate has brought to the town of Loudwater.

After some investigation you find that the treasure consists of multiple artifacts, original mystical items left behind by gods or demigods. He promises to pay you in large sums of platinum for the parcels in transit. The artifacts are in the possession of multiple bands of Guards of the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut. A crafty muse allows you to dupe the flock into flying for the neighboring town, Llork. Just as you guess, upon return, the band of the Platinum Dragon are not pleased. They rush your business acquaintance, Tallcrippler, to an undisclosed dungeon.

Of course, the day was not done with your group. In the town plaza, you find posters with the visage of Naox splashed across its center. Below is a reward for 500gp. This is when regrouping sounds like a good plan. You decide to have a seat in the Green Tankard Tavern, and of course, near the door is yet another poster with the wizard upon it. A pair of bounty hunters, two silver-scaled Dragonborn, notice the similarities with the image and the caster in your group. One hole in the wall and a street brawl later, you find yourself panting in front of a baffled crowd.



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