Spier Marl

WTF!?!?!?! A squirrel?

Yet again, when I thinkErik Lake can’t make his situation more difficult…..He shoots a fucking squirrel in the middle of town. AND not only does he shoot the squirrel, he actually shoots through a glass window in the process. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT??! I thought the inn’s food was ok.

Either way…atleast I was able to make some progress on my goals.

Naox seems up for going to spier maul.

Kelnozz has stopped talking about red dragons…we did find a green one though, maybe he just got his colors mixed up or something.

We got all of our stuff back, and now I have an extra songblade dagger and an extra set of armor, better too much than not enough, especially with a bag of holding.

Now to enchant my cloak and shield, and try to catch Mikolik before we get into more trouble.

Oh and I’ve got to look into getting a leash or something for Erik Lake before he gets us chased out of town….again….



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