Pog is a bard. It's obvious... he sings, he dances, he tells stories, and you believe anything he tells you... and he turns into a panther...


Pog grew up in a small village until he was 8. His parents ran the village inn and Pog regularly performed for the guests. One summer night, his village was massacred by a band of marauding orcs and Pog was left to die as the lone surviver. A druid named Crocker was in the vicinity and came to help those in need after the attack and was horrified to find Pog there by himself. Pog and Crocker continued to travel together for the next 6 years… Pog learning the old druidic tradition and in return entertaining Crocker with songs and stories as well as earning food and clothes in the villages they visited.

One day, when Pog was 15, they had traveled to the outskirts of Havenshard and Crocker stopped and told Pog,”You have such talent, it is such a waste to squander it on my ears and for cheap trinkets in secluded villages. I want you to go into town and make a name for your self and make your parents proud.”

Pog did as Crocker had instructed and was a well known singer in the bars and inns in Havenshard. Crocker never had a problem finding him about once a year…but Crocker didn’t know that Pog had been recruited into a band of thieves. The thieves targeted magic item stores and other valuable goods, and were very careful to never kill anyone, but it just couldn’t last. About 4 years after they began, one of the thieves was caught (he didn’t give up any of the others names) and the group dissolved after they broke him out of jail. Ever since then, Pog has been running an inn in Havenshard, with a little bit of skullduggery with his old buddies on the side, up until just recently…


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