Spier Marl

Butt-Buddies or Not...

As Naox decides to join the team in a difficult decision… Erik decides to chase some squirrels. Tune in later to see his findings.

Returning to the inn after putting down some fiendish slimes, Cascardia, Kelnozz, Naox, and Pog decide on their next course of action.
A) Find Brother Butt-Buddy to the Deva and squeeze him for info to draw out said Deva.
B) Buy a shop to use as a front to draw out said Deva.
C) Gain power in the underbelly of Spire Marl to gain information and influence.

After much heated debate, God let’s us vote! Cascardia attempts to tell the group to do Option B & C, and tells Naox we’ll try his later… alas no luck. In the end, Erik re-joins having killed his precious squirrels just in time to cast his vote… by not voting correctly.

Following option C the team finds more work to gain influence… with some Drow? They want 4 guards dead. It’s fine they’re Gnome’s, it’s more like 2 guards. 21 Charisma-Milk-Jugg-toting Cascardia draws them out as a maiden in distress and we jump them. Mission accomplished.

From Paladin to Wrath-Bringer

Leave the light, young Paladin…

Having her father be betrayed by his church was a tough trial… but when Cascardia was blamed for the wrong-doing’s of her Temple leader’s (the same leader’s that defamed her father’s name!) and they had convinced the central Temple of Bahamut that she had stolen funds, enough was ENOUGH! At that moment, when she was told she was betrayed like her father, a transformation occurred. The Justice-Bringing Cascardia became a Wrath-Bringer.

The goals of WRATH.

Cast aside into the darkest part of town, Cascardia joins with Erik Lake, Kelnozz, and Pog to gain power in Spire Marl’s underbelly (Pinnacle’s Shadow). The first mission is to gain power and influence over those who would have information on the Temple Elders or the Deva that framed them.
There is one other individual that was working with us, but Cascardia is not quite sure what Naox is doing…

WTF!?!?!?! A squirrel?

Yet again, when I thinkErik Lake can’t make his situation more difficult…..He shoots a fucking squirrel in the middle of town. AND not only does he shoot the squirrel, he actually shoots through a glass window in the process. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT??! I thought the inn’s food was ok.

Either way…atleast I was able to make some progress on my goals.

Naox seems up for going to spier maul.

Kelnozz has stopped talking about red dragons…we did find a green one though, maybe he just got his colors mixed up or something.

We got all of our stuff back, and now I have an extra songblade dagger and an extra set of armor, better too much than not enough, especially with a bag of holding.

Now to enchant my cloak and shield, and try to catch Mikolik before we get into more trouble.

Oh and I’ve got to look into getting a leash or something for Erik Lake before he gets us chased out of town….again….

Oh, Llork. I hardly knew thee.
Boy, we sure didn't waste time in that town, did we?

We last left our party adrift in the village of Llork.

While the bard, Pog, crafts many wiles, our equestrian-loving bounty hunter decides to parley with the fugitive wizard. The ranger and spellcaster decide upon a taut truce and each voice that he could definitely take out the other.

Finally, our Bard returns. But what is this? He comes with equipment. As does our Eladrin return with his sword. Sadly, no one asks how either retrieves any possessions.

One ritual burned, the wizard finds an old man talking about orcs. Let us not become too distracted. We have squirrels and green children to chase!

Praise the gods we have a lucky group. Some roof-top shimmying and keen eyes bring us to the trail of those filthy orcs—the very same brigands who stole our goods. Our crew tracks the beasts through an overgrown path. Slowly traversing the wooded road, our heroes come to a small clearing nestled against some crags of a foothill. What is that in the crags, on the very path we tread? Green flesh! Smelly animals, those orcs are getting away!

Stealthy, Master Erik! You do not wish to notify our quarry of the hunt.


It is too late.

Now, we enter a lengthy battle.

Two on four, the olive fiends seem to have the upper hand. With patience and determination, our stalwart companions maintain focus and take down not one, but both ravishers without riches.

“That path…” our ranging friend ponders. “What is up that path?”

Five minutes of steady incline surmount to the small mouth of a cave. As any good scout, Master Erik returns the news to his fellow warriors.

First glimpse, nothing unusual about the small cave at the top. But further inspection frightens the gang; rigid playthings for a dragon, again. A young whelp with more guile than strength, our band knocks the Green down, sending him into a rocky tumble.

Check that cave. Oh dear, that’s not a wall! Climb masters, climb! Scramble to the corner. What? A bag. Not one, but two? Brown satchels. And inside? Caverns! And loot! Dump it out; what is there? Our belongings and more! Hurrah for this treasure; we are no longer poor!

And back to Llork, again.

Oh crap....
more talky less handcuffy

Seems like this is about the 10th time this has happened… I really need to talk to Erik and beat it into his head that if you want to bring somone in for a bounty you need to chat with them a bit…maybe have a buddy distract them a little bit… NOT just run up to them in a crowd and try to slap a pair of manticles on them. Sometimes this works, other times you get stabbed in the kidneys and have to be seen by a healer (most of the reason he used to swing by my old bar…that I still need to regain). THEN, we both gave up good sense, and instead of letting the well equipped orcs take that annoying wizard in for the bounty we decided it would be a great idea to try to help him out…then turn him in for the bounty ourselves. This was after Kelnozz dissapeared ofcourse then he randomly showed up and went on ranting about dragons…I swear that if I was a more violent person I would have just shot him right there to make him focus on the fight rather than his delusions.

...Next orders of buisness…

Convince Naox that Erik Lake was just trying to handcuff him so he didnt get dragged off against his will by another group like the dragonborns

InformErik Lake that I am gonna do some convincing and that he should help…and we might be able to convince Naox to WILLINGLY walk to Spier Maul and we can turn him in if he is guilty

Figure out WTF is wrong with Kelnozz... Red dragons in the Loudwater area…BULLSHIT… and you cant bullshit a bullshitter

Find out if Memory Steel is real or if Mikolik was just using a magic trick on me back in the day…I would love to have some lock pick buttons or a dagger braclet or even a pair of shortsword bracers… I think he was just using his gloves of storing to mess with my head though…..

Beware of Orcs
...and red dragons

After overcoming the Silver-Scaled Bounty Brothers, your adventuring party begins to collapse. In the confusion, Naox flees the town, straight into the grasp of a band of mercenaries. Erik Lake and Pog chase after the wizard-with-a-bounty-on-his-head. And Kelnozz loses the shackles of the Loud Water guard, just in time to stumble into a Young Red Dragon.

Kelnozz freezes with fear, perhaps even playing opossum. Petrified play-things are no fun, so the Young Red flies our Eladrin-friend over the river. Kelnozz stumbles again, but this time is reunited with those he recently lost.

Erik, Pog, and Naox are well into combat. Or at least Erik and Pog are. Unfortunately, Naox is not skilled enough to stumble out of shackles or bindings.

Some blows reign down, and our group is finally at full strength. Too late, it seems, for much damage has already been done. Many foes die, but two Orc Blademasters stay atop their legs.

After the Orcs chase their final target into the water and off his mount, the Orcs are interrupted.

Brother Turnegal, who has traveled from Spellgard, was returning from an errand in Loudwater. He notices two Orcs rummaging through some poor souls’ belongings. After chasing the cowards away, Turnegal notices the strangers on the ground are, in fact, not dead. He rounds them up, with the help of a drenched horse, and pays their board at an inn in Llork. (Turnegal pays, the horse does not.)

Our party awakes in the Mushroom Top Inn. With magic items lost, and their pride greatly bruised, our members see only one course fit. Gather up arms and take back what’s theirs from those grisly, green brigands. Unfortunately, the town despises magic and will not hear of Orcs in their xenophobic town.

Distrust is spreading within the ranks. Morale is lower than the bottom of the change purse. Will our group withstand the current hardships, and how does one recover stolen goods from green shadows?

Platinum Dragons in Loudwater

While enjoying the atmosphere of the Green Tankard Tavern, you meet an old aquaintance. A gnome by the name of Normalin Tallcrippler asks you to look into something for him. He has heard of some treasures that fate has brought to the town of Loudwater.

After some investigation you find that the treasure consists of multiple artifacts, original mystical items left behind by gods or demigods. He promises to pay you in large sums of platinum for the parcels in transit. The artifacts are in the possession of multiple bands of Guards of the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut. A crafty muse allows you to dupe the flock into flying for the neighboring town, Llork. Just as you guess, upon return, the band of the Platinum Dragon are not pleased. They rush your business acquaintance, Tallcrippler, to an undisclosed dungeon.

Of course, the day was not done with your group. In the town plaza, you find posters with the visage of Naox splashed across its center. Below is a reward for 500gp. This is when regrouping sounds like a good plan. You decide to have a seat in the Green Tankard Tavern, and of course, near the door is yet another poster with the wizard upon it. A pair of bounty hunters, two silver-scaled Dragonborn, notice the similarities with the image and the caster in your group. One hole in the wall and a street brawl later, you find yourself panting in front of a baffled crowd.

And then you got to Loudwater

Once you purged Spellgard of Thoran’s presence, you felt slightly empty. Sure you collected a few riches, however, you did not find Lady Saharel. Thanks to Millek the Thrush, you think suicide, or near suicide, is the key. Those are the ones who see the lady, those who wish to die. Koran, the head of the Spellgard Monestary, confirmed this theory. He explained that he encountered her near his end, and that’s when the lady picked him up. Take that as you like.

After Scepter Tower, the empty feeling caused the group to split. Your tales about the tower made other visitors suspicious, and the body of a deva did not ease their suspicions. So the Drow, set on overcoming his heritage, felt it was not best to stick around. And the Cleric, distraught by failing a now-dead innocent, decided to head out in search of another region filled with evil; the next chance for retribution.

Three months pass and a Sword Mage and Wizard find themselves in the Green Tankard Tavern. Self-proclaimed as a haven for weary travelers and listless residents, the Green Tankard lays along the Black Road. An old adventurer himself, the barkeep detailed a warning on all of the tavern’s menus:

“In the tavern’s common room, talk turns to tales of hostile tribes and barrows glimpsed through mists; folk speak warily of goblins in the Southwood, of the serpent folk of Najara, and of ancient, ruined kingdoms.

The tavern attracts young and old with its warm company and tall tales. But before buying an ale for one of the inn’s regulars, a visitor should think carefully. Many adventures have started from stories exchanged over cheap ale and greasy food, but not all have ended with the glorious exploits of which bards sing. An old story or a wrinkled map could be the doorway to adventure—or the path to a quick death.”

Spier Marl Adventure Log
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