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Amidst the sands of Uce, Spier Marl is the central oasis amidst the few others sprinkled about the basin. It is a city with history or war and turmoil, only recently calmed by peace. Spier Marl is the central cross-roads and natural hub for commerce, religion, shelter, and culture. Many consider it the capitol of Uce and its size shows it. Rainfall has forgotten this land, but water is pulled from underground rivers found under the Considine Mountains.

Ghosts are commonplace in the city of Spier Marl. They are active civilians and each has a story to tell, something to finish, before they move on to the next life.

7mi radius, ~25000 people. The landform Spier Marl is about a half mile tall. The tallest buildings within the city reach about 5 stories, or 50-70 feet up. The inner wall is 10ft high. The middle wall is 20ft high. The outer wall is 30ft high, and is carved like fire.

Just about all races that get along together are in Spier Marl, and a sprinkling of those who do not. Elves are probably the group that is least represented in the city. The number of Dwarves has increased recently with prospects of mining into the Considine Mountains. Ghosts also inhabit the city.

Spier Marl

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