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This giant basin stretches for leagues composed of ivory dunes. Rainfall has forgotten this land, and water is pulled from underground rivers. Clouds do not shadow these lands, but war has for eons. Like a swift wind pushing away a raincloud, a recent treaty of peace is attempting to quite the turmoil.

Swift gales constantly bombard the terrain, kicking up grit and embedding it wherever possible. The inhabitants tend to gain an extra sense of oncoming windstorms and swiftly gain cover upon first sight. For they know that if they do not, they shall perish in the onslaught.

The grit, sand, and dunes are not actually white, but truly transparent. Porcelain merchants manufacture the granules of the Limpid Sands into beautiful works of Lucent Porcelain. Commerce does not grace much of Uce, but one place booms with economy: Spier Marl.


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