Spier Marl

Oh, Llork. I hardly knew thee.

Boy, we sure didn't waste time in that town, did we?

We last left our party adrift in the village of Llork.

While the bard, Pog, crafts many wiles, our equestrian-loving bounty hunter decides to parley with the fugitive wizard. The ranger and spellcaster decide upon a taut truce and each voice that he could definitely take out the other.

Finally, our Bard returns. But what is this? He comes with equipment. As does our Eladrin return with his sword. Sadly, no one asks how either retrieves any possessions.

One ritual burned, the wizard finds an old man talking about orcs. Let us not become too distracted. We have squirrels and green children to chase!

Praise the gods we have a lucky group. Some roof-top shimmying and keen eyes bring us to the trail of those filthy orcs—the very same brigands who stole our goods. Our crew tracks the beasts through an overgrown path. Slowly traversing the wooded road, our heroes come to a small clearing nestled against some crags of a foothill. What is that in the crags, on the very path we tread? Green flesh! Smelly animals, those orcs are getting away!

Stealthy, Master Erik! You do not wish to notify our quarry of the hunt.


It is too late.

Now, we enter a lengthy battle.

Two on four, the olive fiends seem to have the upper hand. With patience and determination, our stalwart companions maintain focus and take down not one, but both ravishers without riches.

“That path…” our ranging friend ponders. “What is up that path?”

Five minutes of steady incline surmount to the small mouth of a cave. As any good scout, Master Erik returns the news to his fellow warriors.

First glimpse, nothing unusual about the small cave at the top. But further inspection frightens the gang; rigid playthings for a dragon, again. A young whelp with more guile than strength, our band knocks the Green down, sending him into a rocky tumble.

Check that cave. Oh dear, that’s not a wall! Climb masters, climb! Scramble to the corner. What? A bag. Not one, but two? Brown satchels. And inside? Caverns! And loot! Dump it out; what is there? Our belongings and more! Hurrah for this treasure; we are no longer poor!

And back to Llork, again.



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